Contact Me – information and services

Originally from the UK, I have lived overseas for close to a decade. I can help readers and listeners (either directly through my own expertise or indirectly through knowing people) in a number of areas including:

  • Passive investments for retirees and business people looking for income, around the world.   I have clients who live in the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and all around the world.
  • Traditional investments. Pensions, savings plans, bank accounts and lump sum investing

My contact details are listed below:

Work Email:

Personal Email:

Phone number:+81-90-9851-0589

WhatsApp and Line: +81-90-9851-0589

WeChat:  Thefayed2

Please note, occasionally messages go to my junk mail.  Don’t feel you are being rude if you send me a message by app if I haven’t responded!


4 Replies to “Contact Me – information and services”

  1. I’m considering moving to Thailand with my Thai wife and our 2 kids. My biggest concern is healthcare for me and my family. I’ve researched a bit and it’s dissapointing so far. Can you give me any guidance in this area.
    Thank you


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