Consulting services for Americans and UHNW

During my many years in the investment industry, I have been asked 5-10 questions more than any other.

One of those questions is whether I can accept Americans as clients.  The short answer is yes, if the Americans are based overseas.

For people residing in America, including non-Americans, it isn’t easy to set people up with accounts apart from those interested in overseas property.

For this reason, and also due to demand from high net wealth individuals (HNW), I will be starting 1-1 consulting services for Americans and HNW clients around the world.

Countless wealthier clients living around the world have asked me in the past about whether my services could extend to 1-1 support, mentoring and so forth. The answer has typically been no, but that is about to change from December/January.

Due to the considerable amount of time that needs to go into such a bespoke endeavor, I will limit the number of private consulting clients to 10 per year.

The minimum fee is $10,000 a year, or $1,000 per month if paid monthly. Therefore, the services are tailored towards the wealthier clients simply because of my limited time.

As an aside, the one area where I can provide any expertise is tax planning, beyond advising on the most tax efficient investments. Being a tax expert is very different to an investment specialist who knows about tax-efficient investments.

I do envisage spots will fill relatively quickly so please contact me if you have any questions or want to book your spot.

I would first want a quick call with you to make sure you can get value from the online consulting services.

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