How to invest in Vanguard in Singapore, Dubai and other expat markets

I have had many questions from readers over the last 6 months.  One of the most common has been how people can invest in Vanguard funds from outside the US.

Whether it is readers from Singapore, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai, the UK or Qatar, this question has come out again and again.

I would make two quick points on this issue.  Firstly, whilst Vanguard are good funds, there are countless equivalent funds that will perform in the same way.

Vanguard was the original for this type of fund, but countless other firms (including 3-4 large ones) have close to identical index/tracker funds. Similar costs, portfolio and performance. In fact, almost identical.

Some people do engage in analysis paralysis.  Whether you invest in fund A for 0.09% per year, or fund B for 0.08% per year, that tiny difference really won’t make a huge difference.

Second, Vanguard can’t take clients directly from many countries around the world.  However, numerous platforms can accept Vanguard and equivalent funds as I have pointed out here. and for questions and account openings.

More information about index accounts is available here.

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