Expat financial advisors in HCMC (Vietnam), Cambodia and Bangkok (Thailand)

I have been coming to South East and East Asia since 2007, and have been living in the region since 2011. First in China, and subsequently in Indonesia, Cambodia and Japan.

Expat numbers seem to be increasing in Vietnam and Cambodia, and declining in Bangkok.  However, retiree numbers in Thailand are going up.

One thing that most expats are looking for is the same quality of regulated financial advise they can get at home.

So what should expats seeking a financial advisor look for?  Here is a brief list:

  1. Funds  – Ideally all funds should be coming out of the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong or another developed country.
  2. Cost – all solutions should be cost effective. This increases the chances of better net returns.
  3. Globally portable – Most expats will move home one day, or go to another country. Ideally all solutions should be portable around the world, simply by updating your information as you move
  4. Ease of business – One of the key mistakes expats can make in the region is assuming they need to regularly meet an advisor face-to-face. We are in 2018 now, and a lot of business is done online or via calling/video conferencing.  Think about it. If you are dealing with a firm with a swanky $10,000 a month office + support staff + numerous other costs, that money will need to be recouped in your portfolio.   In comparison, an online firm or a company with a more cost-effective presence, will allow for more low-cost solutions.

For more information about account openings starting from $200 monthly and $30,000 as lump sums, please contact me via adamfayed@imperiumcapital.com or +819098510589 (Whatsapp and Line). The cost is 1% per annum, with reductions on accounts above 250,000 and 500,000.

As a side note, one thing I believe in strongly is the importance of speed and efficiency.  It has always annoyed me how inefficient many banks and other financial institutions can be.

I am busy, and so are the majority of my clients.  Time is money.  I don’t just want to save my clients money, but also time.

So I always try to set things up online via video conferencing and usually respond to clients in more than 50 countries within hours by email or WhatsApp whether they are based in Canada or Cambodia, Turkey or Thailand, Europe or Asia.

Client review (for linkedin users) can be found here

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