How to get rich investing

Everybody ought to have a comfortable retirement, and most people want more choices and freedom in life.

Many people want to get rich too, or at least be comfortable. The good news is that you can become a millionaire investing just $500-$1,000 a month, and a multi-millionaire investing $1,000-$2,500 a month.

The bad news is that most people fail at investing.  Even some highly knowledgable investors fail, due to human nature. Like a doctor who can’t stop smoking or overeating, many knowledgable people can’t resist the urge to speculate, get greedy and/or feel fearful when markets are crashing.

I have consistently argued that it is good to have a two-stage process.  First, read some of the evidence in the reading section of my website. If you think you can invest yourself, go ahead.

However, for others out there, I know you simply don’t have the time, to invest your own money, so would prefer an advisor to help set up a low-cost international account.

For those that need help, I can help set up accounts that are:

  • Easy and speedy.Like you, I am frustrated by bureaucracy and time wasting. Time is money.  I am busy and I am sure you are too. My aim is to save you time and money by doing things online as quickly and effortlessly as possible.
  • Reasonable account minimums: of $40,000 for lump sums, and $500 a month for long-term global retirement accounts.  Those minimums are gradually being increased over time, however.
  • Low cost: 1% yearly fees.  0.75% on accounts above $250,000, and 0.5% on accounts above $500,000.
  • Funds based in UK and US Territory:or other locations that have good investor protections.
  • Globally available: for everybody except people living in Americans (American expats are OK).  Accounts are particularly useful for expats who are moving from country to country

The accounts aren’t for everybody.  They aren’t for people who prefer to speculate and take unneeded risks than to actually invest in a low-cost and long-term way.

Below are some client recommendations are taken from my LinkedIn :

I also 1-2 recommendations are also available on Youtube.

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6 Steps to Financial Freedom: financial independence, retire early (FIRE)

During all my years overseas, I have been amazed at how few people are truly financial independent.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, after all 98%+ of industries want to convince you to spend money on impressing people you don’t even like.

Instagram and L’oreal, with their famous slogan, are probably two extreme examples of this culture.  This culture leads to overconsumption and unhappy people working in jobs they don’t like.  Even for those who love their jobs, nobody would want to work if their health goes tomorrow.

In the book I have just released, I detail the steps needed to achieve financial freedom, and speak about the following topics:

  • How the average person can easily become a millionaire or even a multi-millionaire and retire by age 35-55.
  • Equity markets vs gold and property
  • Spending habits and how you can spend less
  • The general academic evidence on finance, spending habits and retirement
  • How you can retire early
  • How much you need for retirement
  • How much you can withdraw every year in retirement
  • Pension transfers
  • Wealth protection.  How much insurance, if any, do you need?
  • Pension transfers for expats living overseas
  • Why the average DIY investor underperforms and what you can do about it.

If implemented properly, this book can save the average person hundreds of thousands in fees, and also build up their wealth over a number of decades.

There is one thing I can’t promise.  It isn’t the most slick book out there, with the best cover.  But that is partly intentional as such sales-orinetated books often disappoint.  It is simple a book that gives fantastic value by looking at the academic evidence in an easy to understand way, and some real life examples, to turn your financial life around.

It also won’t be overly useful for the 2%-3% of the population who have already read the evidence.  I don’t aim to help people who already know the evidence and the answers.  I aim to help the vast majority of people who find personal finance complex and difficult to understand. I make the complex as simple as possible.

Please note I am no longer sending PDFs of the book, unless people can pay  by bank transfer or Western Union (for people in cash based societies, this option isn’t preferred).

The book is already inside the top 30  bestsellers for knowledge capital after just 3-4 weeks (as of June 29) and selling fast!

Below are some consumer reviews:

“Well written. Concise. With lots of informed guidance. You will learn a lot” – Amazon

“I really enjoyed this book. It is great for a beginner or even somebody who knows a reasonable amount about finance, and shows the importance of spending habits, investment strategies and many other things. The author seems to have travelled a lot and met many different people from many countries, which can help me see and explore ways to make money beyond my narrow comfort zone. It also includes some specific useful portfolios you can invest in and make money from. I didn’t notice any substantial grammar errors so I guess the author has updated his book since the first review was made” – Amazon 

“Adam, thanks a lot for writing book, I will be implementing some of the model portfolios in particular” – personal email.

As a aside, longer-term, I aim to start a community and help people beyond the book, especially for people who don’t have the minimum $30,000 to become a client.

So if you found the book useful please write a review online, and tell me about it, as I would love to have a personal relationship with some of you, and I do plan to start seminars and other giveaways (some free seminars and other things) to loyal readers

As the book makes clear, it isn’t just reading the evidence, it is implementing the evidence. If you want to share that journey with me, I am happy to help.


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