Bitcoin through banks

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies have been quite a craze recently.  To be honest I am not a big fan of Bitcoin.

Regardless of one’s views of bitcoin, there is certainly global demand.  Now it is a two sided market, which means that it can be shorted for people who want to profit from any fall in the price, and people can `go long` and buy bitcoin if they feel the price will go up.

However, it is the case to say that the complexity of buying bitcoin has put off many.  What started as an asset popular amongst IT geeks has suddenly became more popular around the world.

Even though I don’t like the currency, I have clients who want to invest in it.  It is their money and I can’t stop them investing.  If they do invest, we need to help them do it in a safe way. We currently have an option to buy bitcoin through private banks and insurance companies.  The advantages are:

–  Safety and security as the financial institutions are regulated from the EU

–  Low starting points of $30,000 and above

–  Low cost

– The ability to buy bitcoin as part of a wider portfolio.  As an example, a client can invest $30,000 into the platform, but invest $25,000 into traditional assets and $5,000 into bitcoin.

For more information and a confidential chat please contact me

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